Would Your 8 Year Old Self Be Proud Of You Right Now?

peter pan again

I’m having a conversation with my 8 year old self.

She’d ask if I had a boyfriend by now. I’d smirk and shake my head no.

She’d ask if other people thought I was pretty. I’d shrug, and say, “Some do, others don’t.”

I’d tell her about my blog, and I’d show her some of the music that I listen to, and at the blog, her eyes would widen in surprise. She’d call me a celebrity and ask for my photograph.

She’d wrinkle her nose at the so-called “music” that sounds just like garage doors and nasally whining to her.

I’d tell her about how often I eat out, and she’d tell me to stop eating out so often, that it’s a waste of money and that I should utilize every opportunity to learn how to cook meals for myself. I’d remind her that I’m in college. She’d say, “Oh.”

She’d ask if I still wrote poems. I’d tell her that the poems I write now don’t rhyme, and are much sadder than the ones she writes. Her poems would tell a tale of self-discovery, but the poems I produce in present day tell a story of wandering.

I’m thinking back to when I was a little kid, trying to recall all of the things that mattered to me at the time.

I didn’t care about music. I learned to binge watch TV shows at a young age, and I was very particular about the smoothness of my bed sheets. I was very duck-footed and awkward around boys.

I’m still kind of duck-footed and awkward about boys.


    • catdiggedydog

      Thanks for reading! Definitely agree with you here. It’s all based on the experiences we accumulate and the people that we meet. I feel like one’s music taste probably reflects the times and how willing they are to explore, as well as a litany of other factors :) what do you think?

      Liked by 1 person

      • afellowhumanray

        Haha I can only say I definitely agree with you again :P Our music tastes are definitely influenced by the times, though i’d say for me as I grew older, my music tastes diversified a lot, these days there are so many different music genres to explore! :)

        Liked by 1 person

  1. alanjryland

    How swiftly time flies, eh?

    But how swiftly, too, and how keenly, one can find themselves connected to the past. Your eight year old self is proud.

    Lovely post.


  2. AEA

    this has a wonderful cadence to it! I love your writing style and the subject of this post. but catherine, for gods sake dont be so hard on yourself. you’re fantastic person, intelligent, beautiful, ambitious and courageous. hold your head higher.


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