If You’ve Always Wanted To Start A Blog, Here’s Your Sign.

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November is unofficially known as National Blog Posting Month.

Normally, I’d probably research it and tell you things that you can already find on the internet, but the only thing you really need to know is this:

Although November is an arbitrary month, it may be just the tangible checkpoint to help you jump-start your desire to write, and get your opinion out there.

The agreed custom is to publish a blog post every day of this month, but if you think that’s a little extreme, feel free to adjust this challenge to your liking. After all, it’s a challenge, not an ultimatum.

Me? I’m gonna aim for something everyday. Bold, I know.

I know you have an inkling to say something. All of us want to say something. 

Now’s the time.


Some words of encouragement from yours truly:

Write for others, but remember to write for yourself. There’s a fine line between writing content suited for the public and selling out. You joined WordPress, you started a blog because you thought you had something important that other people might want to hear. – 8 steps to write a blog for others

I enjoy being an amateur. I don’t like pressure. I don’t particularly like being confined to a narrow range of topics. I like allowing my mind to wander, and I like catching my firefly thoughts. – Embracing your Amateurity

Some beliefs I’ve held since my childhood, and have never wavered from. Others have certainly morphed and evolved through the years in response to my experiences, and I think this…might be my most common inspirational source for my blog posts, strangely enough. – Top 7 Ways to Get Writing Inspiration

Starting to love writing early on might be the best decision you’ve made. You’re inevitably going to encounter it in the future, so why not get in the habit of it now? You continually express yourself to either no one or the whole world, but it’s a safe way to vent your feelings and connect with people just like you. – Everyone should write.

The optimal blog…finds an acceptable balance between self-expression and writing for an audience. – I Run the Blog, the Blog Does Not Run Me

From experience and long reflection period, I take my thoughts and organize them coherently, and publish them on a blog. I write from the perspective of an Asian, 16-year-old girl that understands the multiple stereotypes going against me. I understand the pressures and expectations of college and academics. I know what it is like to do something you don’t love. – Keep On Writing, Everyone

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