I am the only freshman in my discussion group.

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And I am dealing with this fact in the worst way possible.

By capitalizing on it.

I’ve been in this Poli Sci discussion class for nearly two months now, and have said very little.

I am hesitant to participate, because I am overall subdued by the years, maturity, and knowledge that these students have over me.

The discussion class allows the students to draw from their personal experience, of which I feel I have none. I’ve never worked for a political group, I never interned at a non-profit. All of these kids know what their majors are, and here I am considering switching schools! Gah!

But I hate myself for acting like this!

Why am I letting the age of these people intimidate me into silence?

I have experience! I freaking debated for four years!

I am the only freshman in my discussion group. So what?

The way I should be handling this is disproving the assumption that the fact that I am a freshman in some way limits me, disadvantages me.

I needa get my shit together and SPEAK. UP.


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