Does Time Really Heal All Wounds?

In my lifetime I’ve had many wounds. Small obscure pierces artistically punctured to huge, bloody gashes.

There’s a particular wound that’s characterized a large portion of my high school career. It was inflicted, scabbed over, peeled away, picked at, and scarred magnificently.

Does time really heal all wounds? 

Or does change and transition make you look up from your own limbs long enough to distract you from the pain on your body?

Because something like the start of college, moving to a new state, and forming a whole new circle of friends seems like something that might distract you, but these occurrences might also introduce you to new ways of thinking, fresh perspectives, and broadened horizons.

Or not.

Maybe these changes, this passage of time is just a temporary thing. Maybe you’re just lying to yourself about being okay with something that happened in the past. You just told yourself that the only remnants of this wound is this faint scar, when there’s blood boiling under the surface, unwilling to clot.

And when something prompts your memories, blood’s gonna spill.


Blood/wound related music:

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