Time Definitely Heals Some Wounds

I was wrong in my last blog post. I was just irritated and angsty and in the mood for blood-related metaphor-filled language.

Even if time doesn’t heal all wounds, it definitely helps lessen the pain and intensity of some.

And that’s all I can ask for at a time like this.

If you’ve stopped picking at a wound aka moved on from a difficult time in your life, you will inevitably find your fingers returning to that spot aka, thinking of it every now and then.

But will it hurt as badly? I’ve found that no, the pain isn’t as sharp…it’s dulled.

Probably because I’m looking back on the past, not scrambling in the present. You see yourself as having learned your lesson, something that your mere experiences affords you.

Or maybe because there’s another prominent wound somewhere else on my body that’s just begging for my attention.

Yeah, I had some “hard times” in high school. Wounds I probably could have avoided but welcomed, out of fear of not feeling anything. I’m a dumb-dumb.

It’s like when I was in 7th grade, and I met a nice boy, and I thought then and there that he was the one for me, no matter what other flaws I might discover from that point on. If I let my world be dictated by experiences like that, I’m inevitably going to be hurt when I find out that we live too far away from each other to “go out” or that he doesn’t have the same views as me.

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