Fall 2014: What TV Shows I’m Watching

1) How to Get Away With Murder

ABC’s newest legal drama stars badass professor Annalise Keating (played by Viola Davis aka Aibileen, the sweet-as-honey maid from The Help). This show draws you in from the very first episode because the viewer is presented with a beginning – a group of diverse graduate students all vying for respect and success who sign on to work for the successful criminal defense attorney – and an end – the murder of Keating’s husband and a handful of guilty-looking law students covered in blood and evidence. 

You want to know what happens in the middle. Every episode comes accompanied with new twists in an overarching storyline, but every episode also follows an individual and unique court case.

These students all come from different backgrounds, creating a harmonious and vibrant dialogue that consists of rotely memorized law terminology and carefully-thought out back-handed compliments.

Shoutout to Alfred Enoch to plays one of the main characters, who also played Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter series, and Katie Findlay, who plays a supporting role, but whom I recognized from her role as Maggie in the Carrie Diaries.

2) Awkward

Like New Girl and Modern Family, Awkward is a great way to take my mind off of the stress  of my everyday life and immerse myself in the meaningless high school drama that plagues the lives of main character Jenna Hamilton and her friends.

I don’t really care about the plot line; I could just tuck into any episode!

3) The Legend of Korra

This show reminds me of my childhood, because Korra is the sequel to my favorite childhood TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender. 

Even in college, I’ll meet the randomest people you’d never expect, until someone whispers the word “Korra” or “Tenzin” or “Harmonic Convergence” and everyone whips their head around like, what, Korra? You watch Korra?

It’s a fantasmic escape that is reserved mainly for Saturday mornings.

The lessons that this show teaches are completely applicable to our lives, except that they are communicated in a spiritual, back-then sort of way that is also made complex by the fact that they live in a world where they have Sato-mobiles and electric (?) lights.

In this season, the topic of family divisions seems to arise every now and then, leaving the viewer wondering the question: do you follow tradition and stick with your family no matter what, or break off and pursue what you believe to be right?

We see this with Kuvira’s supposedly brainwashed followers, with Tenzin’s children, and with Korra and her so-called Avatar duty.

4) Castle

I’ve been following this show for years now. The characters have changed so much in terms of maturity and physical appearance. Every single episode is interesting, gruesome, and suspenseful, but the connecting plotline is what truly engages me.

This show is about balance, as Beckett and Castle are such different people, a cliche but valid reason as to why they are meant for each other.

This show is also all about memorable quotes, as Castle’s eloquency creates the perfect blend of witty humor and thought-provoking wisdom.


  1. Sabina

    When I first started reading this I thought it was going to be a list of 10…and I was like HOW DO YOU HAVE TIME TO WATCH 10 SHOWS. I’m not sure how you have time to watch 4 either but that’s significantly more reasonable.


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