Need help writing college essays?

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~adapted from last year’s post~

Catherine was by far the most helpful and thorough essay editor I have ever seen. Not only did she help me refine my Common App essay, but she also helped me build upon my essay writing skills for future uses in and out of the classroom. It’s really all thanks to her that I’m going to college in the first place! – Tiffany Haas, Emory University ’19

Catherine offers thorough feedback on your essay writing, offering not only advice on syntax/diction but also on the ideas themselves. – John, Harvard University ’19

Catherine provides great feedback on every part of the essay, ranging from the overall topic to the small grammar mistakes. She presents this feedback in way that is both efficient and easy to follow. – Edmund Tian, UC Berkeley ’19

I felt that there was a fine quality in editing my essays in that each sentence was paid attention to in the finest of details. The method used was easy to follow and the revisions that were recommended to me on my essays were also easy to make. – Edward Xiao, NYU ’19

Whether you know me or if you found me through a web search, I might have something positive to offer you.

Are you tired of getting the same old feedback on your essays? More detail here, avoid comma splices there, drones a teacher. Uhm, it sounds kind of repetitive, comments a peer.

Grammar help should be the bare minimum, but standing out in a competitive applicant pool requires a lot more thought and re-articulation. It’s more than surface level evaluation and “advice” that feels the same every time.

If you’re interested in getting comprehensive help on the essays that you’re sending to college admissions offices, send the following information to this blog’s email address ( your name, what college the essay is for, what the prompt(s) is, and a draft of your essay. I will ask for other pieces of background information (extracurriculars, that sort of stuff) as necessary.

What have you got to lose? If you don’t like my advice, you don’t have to use it.

In my senior year of high school, I proofread dozens of my friends’ college essays. This past year as a college first year, I consulted for high school seniors who often sent me first, second, and third drafts, as well as multiple separate essays intended for different colleges. I used this past year as a growing experience to become more familiar with the application process.

I’m confident that the amount of experience I have with these essays will help me help you send in a better representation of yourself.

With every essay received, I’ll give a detailed and personalized response that will go above and beyond grammar and punctuation to include content and structure.

I abide to a 100% privacy policy, aka I won’t discuss anything that we work on with anyone, including your name, what you’re writing about, or where you’re thinking of applying.

Some colleges only give you 250 words to explain one aspect of your life that you don’t even think an autobiography could adequately capture. We often know exactly what we want to say, but are unsure of how to best say it. Hopefully, we’ll be able to make a meaningful impression in 250 words or so.

Of course, I won’t take your essay and re-write it for you. We’ll keep it you, but we’ll make it the best representation of you possible.

If you or anyone you know might be able to benefit from my help, be sure to share my information!

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