September Music Favorites 2016

I’m still a little thrown off by how much I’ve come to love electronic music since coming to college, but if there’s any music that really gets me grooving in the morning, it’s EDM.

Here are my absolute favorites from the month of September. It feels like the first three weeks of school have just flown by, and I’ve been keeping things interesting with a few concerts.

Troyboi @ Bottom Lounge

I’ve loved Troyboi since freshman year (thanks Maddy), and he’s one of the handful of famous people that I follow on snapchat. He definitely throws down, and his show at Bottom Lounge definitely reflected that. One for the books.

Safe in Sound @ Aragon

[Borgore, Dirtyphonics, Boombox Cartel, Party Thieves, Trampa]

For this ‘festival,’ I wore a shirt that said ‘Atlanta Braves’ except I covered up the ‘B’ with orange ducktape. It was a lituation.

I’ve been wanting to see Party Thieves for the LONGEST time (playlist of my favorite songs here) and it was so rewarding to finally rage along in the crowd with them.

Boombox Cartel was just as amazing the second time around. I’m sad that Jorge is still stuck in another country waiting for his visa to be approved, but I love Americo – it was great to be in the crowd when he dropped ‘Supernatural,’ I’ve been fiending to hear it live ever since he teased it at Lollapalooza.

Dirtyphonics was surprisingly great, and I wish I had listened to more of their music before Safe in Sound, but it was a raucous blend of dubstep and trap.

And I’d seen Borgore before – his previous performance at Spring Awakening was better, but maybe it was because I was pretty tired at that point, from having raged for three hours straight.

October Queue:

Party Favor // Getter // Freaky Deaky (??)

Here are my favorite mixes from the month:

No joke, when I first heard that Ekali mix, I probably listened to it six times in one weekend. I played it for my friend Javi at Emory, and I think him and his friends were all about it!

Who is Jae Andres? Beats me – this related track caught me totally offguard and featured tracks that were right up my alley.

Here are my favorite songs from the month:

The beginning of the playlist is filled with tracks that narrated my final days in Atlanta. Dirtystack kept my internal rhythm upbeat, and I’ve been following EXSSV on Instagram and watching his progress. He just released a set on Annie Nightingale’s show on BBC Radio 1!

The Neo Tokyo song by MUST DIE! was a secret banger. It just erupts at the :51 mark – a rager in every sense.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the Skurt Reynolds VIP when I first heard it, but now I can’t get enough of it, specifically the second drop.

GRiZ’s new album dropped earlier this month, and my friends have all been obsessed with the song “My Friends And I” with ProbCause, and for good reason. It’s a seamless blend of electrofunk and trap (?)

Louis the Child finally released “Fire,” which I remember hearing at their Lolla set. It’s as much of an anthem as I remember, with the lyrics, “And if we’re going down in flames, the smoke gonna spell my name,” ringing in my ears just before that happy, trappy future bass-filled drop.

And finally, I was introduced to the magic of Vanic during a late night postgame in my own apartment. Vanic’s SnowGlobe mix from last year is filled with amazing tracks by him and others, including Jai Wolf’s remix of Weekend, which has been my most recent and longstanding obsession.

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