Morning Excerpts


11/9 Monday morning

Cat – I don’t want you to forget the feeling of taking a walk at 7:45AM on a Monday morning. For a glorious hour, you are just a person simply enjoying life & nature. Congrats on waking up early, having a bit of a slow morning and enjoying life because you truly deserve it. Work-life balance is so crucial – this is something that this year taught me. In a time where work is just a few steps away at any given moment & the hours of the day blend in with each other, it’s very easy to get sucked in if you’re not careful.

Remember small moments like these. A bit of wind. Fall in full force, tons of leaves on the ground. Travel mug of coffee in hand, leisurely walking around and seeing dogs and people on runs – some true simplicities in life. Enjoy this moment. Don’t look at your phone.

Remember small moments like these! And another thing – there’s no need to listen to music 100% of the time. Sometimes listening to the sound of nothing, the world outside, can be quite grounding.

11/13 Friday morning

My desk faces the south so that all throughout the day, I get a constant stream of indirect sunlight that brightens and warms the room. My small rack of plants near the window glows a healthy, sunny green. I have a warm cup of coffee to jump start me into Friday. Lofi hip hop plays gently – we’re still online but I feel solitary. A moment to myself before I start prioritizing others.

11/15 Sunday morning

Unstructured mornings full of potential & no coherent direction. Slow rise, nourishing meal, time to myself.

11/17 Tuesday morning

I have taken back, reclaimed my morning. I am the rightful owner of my time and I can do what I want.

I think people living in this day & age (myself included) are programmed to want more, in high quantities. We want 20 friends instead of 5 good friends. We want 10 activities to do instead of 3-4 core activities. But less is more. Routine can be…uplifting and gratifying. Yoga, reading, writing. Core activities that used to be so central to my day. Painting too, occasionally. Cooking – of course.

Wanna hear my top songs of 2020?

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