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When journaling becomes hazardous

source: erynlou

I write in a journal.

Actually, wait, that’s not accurate.

I don’t have just one journal. I have scraps of paper, I have pages in my reporter’s notebook that have formal interview questions for my journalism class on one page and near diary entries on the other, I have corners of math worksheets, I have a private Tumblr blog, I have Never Stationary, I have Microsoft OneNote, and I have three notebooks in my dorm room that at one point functioned as my primary journal.

But at this moment, I do not have just one journal. I technically have ~12. Continue reading

Down The Rabbit Hole

“You’re incredibly bonkers. But let me tell you something: all the best people are.”

The one thing that you should never try to argue with is the fact that you are crazy. As in crazy, it could mean a flaw: you’re too spoiled, too artistic, too emo, too smart. Yet, it could mean a perfection: too spoiled, too artistic, too emo, too smart. Perfection is also never defined because we’re all perfect, and in perfect, I am referring to the flaws that make us who we are. Continue reading