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Libraries Are Magical Too

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I went to the library the other day. In fact, I went to a few different libraries trying to sign up for a card but repeatedly got denied the chance because “you don’t live in this county” and “here’s a brochure listing all Georgia library locations, I think it might help you.” 

I finally found one and signed up for a card; as I strolled around the tiny little building, I remembered one of the very first posts to ever appear on my blog, called: “The Magic of Barnes and Nobles (or bookstores in general)

I was reminded of what I said about libraries, that they “depress me” to the extent that I have “grudgingly decided to stand by and watch libraries become more and more scarce,” as if I were witness to a slow extinction of sorts. Continue reading

The Magic of Barnes and Nobles (or bookstores in general)

A nerdy kid’s equivalent of Disneyworld.

I’ve got nothing against libraries, really. In fact, I love libraries to death! As a little kid, I would go there and check out chapter books, and just stay on the couches and read them all. And repeat, several times a day. Yeah, I was a nerdy little child. But I’m glad I read so much, because I’ve got a mighty expansive vocabulary, and an enduring passion for reading. Even when I don’t have time, I can always rely on literature to bring me back down to the ground. And I developed this love for literature in my local library, for years and years. Continue reading