Libraries Are Magical Too

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I went to the library the other day. In fact, I went to a few different libraries trying to sign up for a card but repeatedly got denied the chance because “you don’t live in this county” and “here’s a brochure listing all Georgia library locations, I think it might help you.” 

I finally found one and signed up for a card; as I strolled around the tiny little building, I remembered one of the very first posts to ever appear on my blog, called: “The Magic of Barnes and Nobles (or bookstores in general)

I was reminded of what I said about libraries, that they “depress me” to the extent that I have “grudgingly decided to stand by and watch libraries become more and more scarce,” as if I were witness to a slow extinction of sorts.

I returned to the concept of libraries because 1) after graduation, I had much more time to waste 2) because I missed reading novels 3) I didn’t want to spend money on books I might not enjoy.

I feel like a little kid again, but this time two feel taller than before, very much so aware of the quaintness of every library. The Young Adult collection of one library, for example, fits on half of a book shelf, and the computers look like the ones I had when I was five years old.

And yet, I slowly feel myself falling in love again, with the mere concept. Books for free for you to absorb information and immerse yourself?

Not to mention lots of libraries  have a small collection of books at the front that you can buy for ridiculously cheap.

It also got me thinking. What books should people read?

Trick question.

Best seller lists do speak some truth, bu is that all we should limit ourselves to? Like is the case with movies and music, everyone has different tastes, and hidden gems really do exist.

How many hidden gems did I find? Not sure, but I currently have a stack of a dozen books next to my desk, and I’m very eager to dive in.

So, yeah. A classic example of how the theme NEVER STATIONARY operates. I don’t really believe what I said ~2 years ago. I’ve got a fresher perspective and I’ll probably have something new to say about the library/bookstore issue in another two years.

What do you love about the library?

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