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This Kid I Know: Maddy


You know the people that you can hang out with in any scenario?

Like, it could be a one-on-one Sunday brunch or a 3 a.m. party on Saturday night with all of your other friends.

Maddy is one of those people for me.

His actual name is Madhav, but I affectionately nicknamed him Maddy.

And I love spending time with him at all times of the day, no matter what state I’m in. Nor do I ever really feel self-conscious about what I look like. I could be in a sparkly dress or in pajamas, and I’m pretty sure he would still crack the same jokes and treat me the same.

At first, he was only the dude generous enough to lend out his GameCube to the first floor lounge. I met a great group of guys in the first few weeks of fall quarter playing Super Smash Bros, but what really solidified Maddy and I’s friendship was not an afternoon of playing video games, but a fire drill that forced all of our dorm’s residents outside one chilly Friday.

Since then, we have established that we are basically the same people.  Continue reading