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Public Speaking: A Lost Art

public speaking

Nowadays on the internet, you can find articles upon articles offering you tips to improve your public speaking, but very few on why people should bother with it in the first place.

My first few years of debate showed me the importance of speaking efficiently – that is – with adequate speed, but also adequate clarity. Over the years, I also learned how to connect with the judge, my intended audience. Sometimes all I have to do is pull away from the fluff that I’ve trying to pass off as words and say it like it is, loud and clear.

Public speaking makes you a better arguer. The fact of the matter is that even if you had the most valid points, you’d never be able to convince anyone if you couldn’t convey your argument properly. This skill comes hand in hand with acquirable traits that are overall, considered important for success and beyond, beginning with maturity, and ending with self confidence. Continue reading

An Open Letter to Justin Bieber


My Dearest Justin:

At some point in my middle school career I heard rumors that you were considering attending our Christian private school in Atlanta. Back when your body was free of tattoos and I had major Bieber fever, before your voice learned to calm down, I gave a major crap about what the media had to say about people like you, and in turn, people like me.

Since that time, both you and I have changed, and in similar ways.

You became a sort of multimillionaire…I got a job at a bakery.

You went on a world tour (didn’t actually fact check this)…I started this blog – people in England, Cambodia, and Russia read my blog.

But as of late I’ve also made an effort to not concern myself with the lives of celebrities anymore. I used to spend chunks of my time reading up on their lives and watching interviews; at that time, I wanted to be anyone but myself. Continue reading

An Open Letter to Atlanta: The Road Between Two Cities

My Dearest Atlanta,

You weren’t my first city, but you’re the city in which I reside at this very moment. I think I’m writing this letter because soon I’ll have to part with you, and when that happens, the road on which I’ve been walking for the past 18 years will stop abruptly, and pick up in the suburbs of Chicago.

In my earliest years, you were foreign to me, a place to which I traveled often, though I still felt like merely a visitor. Continue reading