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This Kid I Know: Vicky


She’s the model, I’m just an amateur…<Zoo Atlanta 2014>

Don’t forget, peeps, I only write these for people who have requested them. If you were being sarcastic…sucks.

Vicky isn’t just some kid I know. She is the best kid I know. She has been with me the entirety of her existence. I love being her big sister, and this Thought Catalog article knows exactly what’s going on.

If you didn’t know, I’m 18, a college freshman, and my sister, a high school sophomore, is turning 16 today.

She’s always been super sporty her whole life, playing tennis, lacrosse, running track and cross-country, and dancing ballet, while I’ve been pretty sedentary my whole life.

But, like me, she’s always enjoyed reading, and I remember that we would spend whole days when we were young just sitting on a couch, reading our books in silence.  Continue reading