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My life in Roman numerals


i) They say that I don’t smile. Almost every person I know looks at my empty face and asks why I’m looking at them like I want to kill them.

I took a look at my face in the mirror the other day, nay – I stared deeply into my eyes and saw that indeed, I wasn’t smiling. My lips were pursed, my mouth was closed. I conveyed neither disapproval nor distaste; I was completely neutral of emotion. Maybe then, you can see me through my eyes. What is it that they say about eyes? That they’re the windows into the soul? Maybe it’s my voice. It’s expressive but meanwhile horribly deceiving.

The truth is that sometimes I wear my emotions on my coat like badges or flashes of color for all to see, but I can also suppress them, like a lid on a pot of boiling water. So perhaps I’ve been too suppressive of my emotions lately? Is that why people keep saying that to me?  Continue reading

How to act like an introvert in a public setting

Look around the room with wide eyes, never allowing any other emotion but interest and curiosity to take over your face.

Appear as though you’ve always got something to smile about, but only to a certain extent.

If you’re smiling with a smirk, you are content as an introvert. If you grin like a madman, people will ask what you’re on.

Just curious…

Jimmy...can you hear me?

Jimmy…can you hear me?

When the first egg was eaten: “Dude, what are you doing? That just came from a chicken’s butt.*” “But…it’s so ovalish and smooth.” “Well…at least heat it up first.” “…Fine, I guess.”

What were they thinking??

That is all for today.

*Technically, the correct term for where an egg comes from is cloaca. Thanks to a friend for correcting me!