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I Just Thought Of A Really Good Metaphor: “Change”

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She watched him pull out a dinged up can from his drawer and dump the contents out onto his desk: a few crinkled bills and scraps of paper, but mostly just a shower of coins.

“My prized coin collection from seventh grade,” he muttered. “Never knew it’d end up like this.”

With a smirk, he slowly counted them up, picking through the pile for the quarters first.

“Sixteen dollars so far. Quarters really add up, you know.”

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Guest Post: The Four

Recently I was hospitalized due to a broken arm. Within the first week, I had a lot of visitors, just checking to make sure I wasn’t dying anytime soon (I wasn’t, I promise). During my stay, I was visited by four different girls, each of them holding a different place in my heart. I had never really decided which one I was to love, and which ones I had to get over.¬†Girl number 1 gave me some orchids. Girl number 2 gave me pink roses. Girl number 3 gave me daisies, and Girl number 4 gave me red tulips. It took flowers for me to understand the answer to the question I had been asking myself for years.

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