This Kid I Know: Javi

GO JAVI, IT’S YO BIRTHDAY. Well it’s quite close to your birthday, so I thought I’d give you a little shout out.

Who is Javi? Who is this enigma that I have yet to understand? I’d like to paint a little story for my readers:

Imagine leaving the airport to travel to your summer camp on a airport shuttle. You sit in the backrow, middle seat. There is an empty seat on your right. The bus slowly rolls to a stop at another terminal in the airport, and a couple of kids pile in. One of them, Francisco, gets on and sits next to me. The only thing I note about him are his pants, which seem uncomfortably tight and stretchy. But I push the thought aside and resume listening to my music. Twenty minutes into the car ride, I’m overcome with curiosity about this boy’s name, so I ask him his name. He mumbles something and I pretend to understand what he said. Resume music-listening.

<fast forward through the first few weeks of camp>

WOAH, he’s in my lab! How exciting, except I don’t know your name! “It’s Javi, remember?” he says patiently. “Oh riiiiiiight. My bad!”

I invite him and his buddies from his schools to go with my friends and I to the river! He was my first partner (temporary) in our inner-lab debates! (mass transit FTW) I note his existence with the fact that he has very strange posture. I admire him because he listens to extremely “interesting” and “intriguing” music, much of which I have enjoyed and downloaded. He’s infamous for his Spotify playlists that he put on when we played Mafia that one time in lab.

He’s got this intense passion for debate that I both respect and admire. He’s the type of person who listens to pump up music and watches motivational Youtube videos about sports, which I think is pretty cool.

WARNING: DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THIS KID. He just might beat me on T-maintenance.

Happy birthday buddy!!!! (Go Team Maintenance)

Disclaimer – Yes, I did have a crush on him at the beginning of camp. Satisfied, everyone? (TO CLARIFY, I DO NOT HAVE ANY ROMANTIC FEELINGS FOR HIM ANYMORE.)



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