My second semester senior bucket list


But always make time to admire the coffee and cream as they swirl around, doing the tango in your mug.

In prioritized order:

1. Go to a poetry slam

2. Perform in our school’s talent show – this I have put off for 7 semesters

3. Start exercising regularly

4. Run a marathon

5. Attend an EDM concert

6. Take some form of modern dance classes

7. Shop without intention at thrift stores – do not go with any particular goal in mind, just a pocket full of cash

8. Break the law and live to tell the tale

9. Start writing a novel 

10. Take a roadtrip 

A second semester senior bucket list, in contrast with a conventional bucket list, is not filled with things to check off for the rest of your life, but rather, for the semester after you’ve dragged yourself to the finish line and found that there’s nothing left of you except raw desire to do something radical.

It’s to finally be fulfilled after you’ve postponed anything and everything that seemed modestly amusing. You pull this out and tack it on your wall when there’s nearly nothing left for you to do except finish out senior year…in style.

Whether I will actually end up checking anything off this list, I have absolutely no idea. Maybe these festivities will drag into the summer.

But you can be damn sure that I’ll blog about anything worth blogging about along the way.

What have you been putting off? Go on, make your own.

Jared showed me this:


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  2. thatguyjamal

    I’m so ready to hear the tales about this list. :) Go forth and conquer…..and break the law. I can’t bail you out though. ;)


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