A Social Experiment: No Makeup Mondays

hairI came up with this idea as I was putting makeup on, and it was a Monday.

I was at home, sick, but I was going to school to pick up my sister. I contemplated wearing makeup and decided to do so, my rationale being that my eyes were puffy from sleep. But I omitted most of the usual products for a very, very simple look.

Makeup, as I have realized, is both a camouflage and an enhancer. Not everyone wears it, and for all sorts of different reasons. Some don’t have time, some think they look fine without it.

So anyways, I got this idea, thought it was totally original, and then did a quick Google search to find out that my idea was completely derivative.

No Makeup Mondays.

Why? Because we want to look “put together” and “presentable” all of the time, but going every day with a face full of makeup means many things, including letting the makeup become a mask for you, or feeling uncomfortable leaving your house without your “face” on.

I think we all need some humbling, but I’m not going to argue that no one should wear makeup again, ever.

We should settle for 6/7; that’s the perfect fraction.

Omitting my individual experience, I can see many other reasons why my single idea of No Makeup Mondays would fail, so I’m presenting merely the concept.

Theatre after school on Mondays? No Makeup Tuesday.

Particularly bad skin? It’s never worth feeling insecure, so go with Minimal Makeup Monday (arbitrarily decided by yourself).

Particularly tossy-turny night? Skip it.

No Makeup Mondays. Shall we give it a try?

It will be a neat social experiment, and what a marginal difference it will make, our dark circles and other flaws showing through, to reveal that those vixens who wear makeup are no different than everyone else.

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  1. b3yourself2015

    No no no! No Makeup Monday / Minimal Makeup Monday is surely worth taking up for a challenge where we all live in a society that look heavily on appearance. We should be proud of who we are, how we look! We will not be pretty for our makeup if our inner is dirty and dark. I wrote a blog post on certain #nomakeup challenges, welcome to take a look and join my discussion ;)

    B3 Yourself – a social media campaign aimed at encouraging women to be confident and embrace their natural beauty, without makeup. B3 Yourself aims at promoting positive vibes to women by motivating them to live for themselves, be pretty for themselves but not for men.

    – T.S.


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  3. currywurst

    I do not even understand how I stopped up right here, but I assumed this put up used to be
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  5. styx45

    A while a go I did a social experiment where I frequented the same places for a month but always in a different style of clothes. I discovered that people really do treat you differently based on how you look. If you do decide to make an experiment of it, I would be interested in seeing the results.


    • catdiggedydog

      I checked my email at dinner, saw this comment, and that’s basically all I thought about during the entire meal. Thank you for making me think hard, I actually want to try this out. Did you just wear very drastic styles?


      • styx45

        Glad I could be of service. I like to make people think. I didnt wear drastic styles so to speak. I just picked from the styles that are common. Some days I would dress nice, dress clothes, suit some times. Other days I would wear stuff that was torn and trashie, other days more normal clothing. I wore clothes from different sub cultures and observed the way people reacted.


      • styx45

        You’re welcome. I like making people think. I didn’t wear drastic styles. I just wore something different every time. Honestly the differences were mostly really minor ones, A different shirt or pair of pants, or a different fit. The little details made more difference than the big changes it seemed.


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