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When admiration goes too far

Life Hack: Do Radical Things and Make Eye Contact

An Asian American In A Makeup-Dominated Society

Jenn Im, my favorite Youtuber. source: jennimgifs

As often as I’ve analyzed my relationship with makeup, I’ve always done so in a love-your-body, self-esteem-centered light. Not until recently had I considered it in a racial context.

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A Social Experiment: No Makeup Mondays

hairI came up with this idea as I was putting makeup on, and it was a Monday.

I was at home, sick, but I was going to school to pick up my sister. I contemplated wearing makeup and decided to do so, my rationale being that my eyes were puffy from sleep. But I omitted most of the usual products for a very, very simple look.

Makeup, as I have realized, is both a camouflage and an enhancer. Not everyone wears it, and for all sorts of different reasons. Some don’t have time, some think they look fine without it. Continue reading

Giving Nerds a Makeover? Expanding on Body Image

It’s a funny thing, when you see a person that – with a little effort and know how – could easily become much more noticeable … in a good way.

You know what I’m talking about, right? All the time, I see people at my school that neglect their bodies and their looks. It feels strange to imagine what I might look like if I totally didn’t care about looks. Continue reading