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Read This Blog: 40 Dates & 40 Nights


Jamy Madison is not a real person, but rather, the name that an anonymous blogger adapted for her social experiment, in which she uses Tinder to go on 40 dates over the course of 40 days. Her blog is appropriately named 40 Dates & 40 Nights.
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A Social Experiment: No Makeup Mondays

hairI came up with this idea as I was putting makeup on, and it was a Monday.

I was at home, sick, but I was going to school to pick up my sister. I contemplated wearing makeup and decided to do so, my rationale being that my eyes were puffy from sleep. But I omitted most of the usual products for a very, very simple look.

Makeup, as I have realized, is both a camouflage¬†and an enhancer. Not everyone wears it, and for all sorts of different reasons. Some don’t have time, some think they look fine without it. Continue reading