How to Write A Music Review While You Take A Shower


I don’t write a lot of music reviews, but mainly because I don’t really listen to full albums. I’m a single song appreciator; that being said, there are a few albums that I love to listen to, from beginning to end, that sound like one super long song.

So if you do want to write a music review, how do you do it?

Take a shower.

But CAT! How?? you ask. I have a method, okay? Listen to me.

There’s a hook next to my bathtub, and I hang a bathrobe that has a pocket, and I put my phone in the pocket. I connect my phone through Bluetooth to my speakers, which are positioned perfectly in my bathroom. That way, I can control the music that’s playing, though I normally don’t have to because I just put my shower playlist on shuffle and jam out.

Now that we’ve handled logistics…

Put that shit on repeat. Put it on shuffle. Listening to music in the shower is like RainyMood x 1000. And I looooove my RainyMood.

Take the place that allows you to think most clearly, the place where you go to brainstorm and arrive at your best conclusions, and make it your (temporary) workspace.

Because if you want to write music reviews, you obviously like music, and you will not feel it a nuisance to bring your work into your magical sanctuary.

As soon as you’re out of the shower, go and write your thoughts down. No, don’t put on clothes. You can listen to the album afterwards to refresh your thoughts, but do not hesitate to get them down on paper. I’m talking, body dripping, towel-wrapped Catherine leaning over a notebook that’s getting wet.

Or…just do it in the shower. There are innovations out there designed to help you quell your shower-writing thirst, like AquaNotes.

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