The One Super Mundane Change in My Routine that Helped Relieve My Stress

If you read this blog, then you may know that I am not very passionate about math and science. I’ve never found much joy in thinking in numbers rather than ideas and concepts.

Recently I made a very small switch in my life that has so far, made a large difference in the way that I calculate and value my time, as well as my usage and dependence on technology. 

I went to my iPhone’s General Settings, scrolled to General, scrolled to Usage, and switched my battery usage settings off of the percentage mode.

It seems mundane, I know. But for me, it made a world of difference. I used to always feel panicked whenever my charge % slipped below 60. If I was on my phone for a long period of time my stress would build up as I saw the numbers tick down towards zero. I made sure I had a charger on me at (nearly) all times, fearful that one of my best friend’s was about to die.

Now, instead of a number percentage on top of the battery bar in the top corner of my phone’s screen, I just see a rough estimate of how much battery I have left. I can barely tell if I have 100%, 75%, 50%, or 20%.

No harm in trying, eh? Give it a whirl. Hope it works out for you!

My friend Jason showed this to me:


  1. Sabina

    I definitely see how that could cut down on stress, but I also like knowing. On my laptop I have it set to display my battery life in time, not percentage, which helps me decide whether or not to carry my charger with me to class, the library, etc.


    • catdiggedydog

      Hm. That makes practical sense, and is definitely something to consider. I always bring a laptop charger with me though! And whenever I have to bring a phone charger around with me, it demonstrates that I have been spending too much time on my phone, and not enough time paying attention to the world around me. Then again, this is particular to the habits of a college freshman :)

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      • Sabina

        I bring it with me on my long days cuz I know by now that I’ll need it, but usually I can get away with not bringing it on my short days! And I’d rather not carry it tbh


  2. thegirldish

    I love this post because I never used the % reader until about a week or two ago and I must say I hate it lol I do feel like my battery runs out faster with it on but it’s probably only because it’s displayed.


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