Never Stationary Stats and Fun Facts 2014

Blog (proper):

3,434 followers total, but only 2,956 are WordPress users, which means that the other 478 have most likely subscribed to email blasts!

Total views traceable by the internet: 75,247 as of 12/28/14.

The most popular search term which leads people to my blog: “yolo“. Runners up include “effy stonem” and “amateurity

Total amount of spam comments that have been whisked away by the WordPress app Askimet: 31,218

Total amount of legitimate comments: 1,441

Highest number of posts per month: 23 (November 2014) – I was trying to do NaBloPoMo

Lowest number of posts per month: 8 (September 2013)

On the Facebook Page:

258 likes, but only 212 are my Facebook friends. This means that the other 46 are technically strangers!

52% of blog interactions are made by males, 47% are females…and the other 1%????

Poland was the country whose people visited my blog second most, right behind the United States.


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