Did you miss me?

I’m back in your inbox, your feed, etc. It’s been a few days since I’ve posted, and even over the past few weeks, content has been pretty sparse, for a few reasons: midterms, hefty weekend plans, and in general, lots of big changes happening in my life. 

But this blog isn’t slowing down, I assure you. Over the past few weeks it’s become a bit more difficult to find the right words to say, and the right time to sit down and let myself say them.

Backlash has always been a concern lurking in the back of my mind. Everytime I tell people that I love blogging, they always end up concerned that my words (whether they touch on religion, politics, etc.) may come back to bite me when I’m applying for a job or internship.

This is a legitimate concern, except that the whole theme of this blog (Never Stationary) is structured to acknowledge and refute this concern.

No one should be judged or disadvantaged for opinions they had when they were 17. After all, this blog is basically me free writing the thoughts that probably ran through your mind before you took a stance about controversial issues.

You know how in a lot of FB pictures people are obviously drinking but they cover up their beer can with a picture of a pizza slice or something? How is that not worse? Do people really get by in life by following this sort of loophole logic? And can I really be punished for expressing my opinion?

As you can tell, I have lots of strong opinions about blogging. I’m also pretty adamant about never letting this blog become a chore for me. I have enough chores and errands to do as it is, and blogging does not need to become yet another one.

Writing has always been a joy, a relief, a form of therapy, and a sense of pride for me. That’s the mindset I had when I started this blog, and very little has changed since then! This is why, if I’m busy or suffering from writer’s block, I won’t try to post half-assed articles to appease my audience.

I love you all, and I’m so grateful to anyone who visits and reads even a word of what I have to say, but at the end of the day, these thoughts are for me and my own benefit. I run the blog, the blog does not run me. 

Finally, I should address this blog in the context of college.

Since coming here, I have joined multiple campus publications, taken actual journalism classes, learned how to write news articles, listened to lectures by renowned journalists, interviewed people for stories (including the Dean of the Law School by accident), gotten to sit in the front row of a Laverne Cox event because of my press pass, and so much more.

It seems that my writing efforts have been diverted away towards other mediums of writing, but my loyalty remains with this blog. I also think that my writing style has dramatically improved, and that the experiences I can write about have been made richer by my time in college.

So yes, changes are inevitable but if you plant your roots firmly, you can bask in all of the sunshine and absorb all of the nutrients coming your way.

So bear with me…

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