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Guest Post: Costco is Purgatory


I imagine Purgatory to be like the Costco food court – disingenuous bursts of impossibly bright red bringing to the mind the intense flavor of cherry cough syrup and gleaming white countertops that are supposed to give the impression of cleanliness but whose smooth surfaces only feel grimy. Under the fluorescent lights and against the backdrop of huge containers of SunChips and Pretzels, no one looks happy. Instead, a natural expressionless inevitably creeps into the facial make-up of each resident’s mask. Continue reading

Guest Post: 0200

I can’t sleep. When I lie in bed at night, it’s like I’m doing everything I’m supposed to not be doing in order to go to bed. Thoughts become a flash flood that was never on the forecast, and I was the poor soul that went camping by the riverside.
Thought 1. The One that Escaped.
The first thing that struck me was how breathtakingly pretty she was. There was a sense of elegance to her, one that was hidden behind her expressionless face. She and I had a lot more in common than I had ever anticipated. Music taste, favorite food, life philosophy, there was nothing that we disagreed about. We grew closer, but with such limited time. College meant that I had to say goodbye to her in three weeks, and I didn’t want to put her through a relationship with an expiration date. I have a date with her tomorrow, although neither of us will call it that. But I know she loves me as much as I do, and maybe, just maybe, if I had some time for us to grow, and got more time to ourselves, we would end our date with me pulling her towards me, her eyes closed in anticipation–

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Down The Rabbit Hole

“You’re incredibly bonkers. But let me tell you something: all the best people are.”

The one thing that you should never try to argue with is the fact that you are crazy. As in crazy, it could mean a flaw: you’re too spoiled, too artistic, too emo, too smart. Yet, it could mean a perfection: too spoiled, too artistic, too emo, too smart. Perfection is also never defined because we’re all perfect, and in perfect, I am referring to the flaws that make us who we are. Continue reading

Guest Posts Rock, and You Should Consider Submitting One

brain blast

Guest posts are magical, and if you check out the ones that I have already posted on this blog under “Other Voices,” you might understand why.

Never Stationary is just my tiny slice of the huge internet pie; the gathering of people sharing their opinions is replicated constantly, and all over this terrain.

New blogs can emerge because someone wrote for another blog and decided that they wanted their own slice of pie.

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10 Reasons Why I Love the Sims

The following is a guest post from Lauren, who runs Afro Girl Talks. Check out her site!


  1. Plumbobs are shiny, wonderful joys

Like a kleptomaniac, I am attracted to the shinier things in life. After the first plumbob twirled its way onto my computer screen (and into my heart), I found that the floating gemstone becomes shinier and shinier as the years pass.


  1. My Sims can live the American dream

I rarely, if ever, use cheats to award my Sims exuberant amounts of money. All of them are brought into the world the same way: broke, dysfunctional, a little moody, and starving to climb the social ladder. I’ve been known to make my Sims live on empty lots and build their homes from scratch as they earn the money. Continue reading

The Last Forever: Goodbye, HIMYM

It’s finally time.
9 years in the making, and it’s finally time. And it’s something we don’t-no, can’t- accept.
But How I Met Your Mother is ending. And with it our journey with the lovable 5 ends. We won’t get to have those precious 30 minutes with our mutual best friends, the people we know better than ourselves, the people we suddenly lose contact with.
It’s bittersweet: We’ve left behind people like Zach and Cody, Walter White, and Michael Scott, but we’ve gotten used to it. But never have we left an entire group, who would wait for us every Monday to let us catch up with them.

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Kate Carroll: The True Cost of Being Prom Queen


Prom: an uninspiring weekend where you play make-believe as royalty. You’re pretending that you are something with a $600 dress you’ve convinced yourself that you’ll wear again, until someone vomits on you.

Time, energy, and focus are wasted on an overhyped event that ends in disappointment, disaster or mediocrity. Some of us aren’t even the worst offenders. I was in utter dismay when earlier this month I was added to a group for a different school on Facebook for “PROM DRESSES 2014.” Are you kidding me? The purpose of the group was to avoid any repeat dress offenses. Not only was their drama petty, I just couldn’t believe that it started in March, more than two months before the actual event.

“Promposals” make me cringe. You’re a teen, stop pretending that it’s a wedding. Enough with the white dresses, gross couple-y pictures and open PDA. None of those things are exclusive to prom. Just looking around the halls, holding my spitfire tongue from saying “Stop touching” is a major struggle.

I did attend and help plan Prom 2013. It was a waste of my time and energy. I woke up the day after Prom 2013 and headed to my debate banquet, wishing that instead of awkwardly shuffling my shoulders back and forth on the dance floor, I would have gotten a few more hours of shuteye. Student Council does a great job of encouraging students to attend. The dance is well run, I just didn’t particularly enjoy it. Beyond that, I hated the idea of not being able to participate in something unless you’ve been asked “as a date”.

My major problem with prom is more centered around socioeconomic discrimination. It isn’t cheap. Dresses run about $200-$300, plus flowers, makeup, hair, shoes, dinner, limo, the ticket itself, and after parties. On the guy’s side, tux rental, shoes, tie, flowers, dinner, ticket. In a chauvinistic sense they’re expected to buy dinner/tickets, but ladies, you should be self-sufficient and chip in half especially if you’re not dating. Either way, a lot of money for not a lot of fun. Given the choice between prom and putting more money in a college fund, I know a fair amount of people who forgo the former when graduation, and the first semester college bill is right around the corner. The cost is a social pressure to participate, and the sad part is that there’s not a good way for the school to help assist with that. If you can’t personally afford it, you’re out of luck.

I’m calling for a reevaluation, think about the pressures that are put on others as a result of your excessive spending. A reasonable night of fun with friends and dancing? Sounds great. A night of excess, exorbitant costs and irresponsible behavior? Not so much.

– Kate

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Guest Post: Smoke and Glass


I feel like I’ve killed my grandmother or something. My parents mope around the house sighing and staring at each other meaningfully over steaming cups of tea. “This girl,” their eyes say, “who is she?” Surely this cannot be the small doll-like child that we introduced into the world. The one who could make anyone laugh with her big eyes and Disney-like wonder. Everyone loved that child; she was bright, pure, happy, and intelligent. Who is this raccoon-eyed teenager who glares and gets Bs and insists on wearing wrinkled tank tops and sweatpants around the house? “Where did we go wrong?” Continue reading

Guest Post: Aporia


Is it just me, or are the lights dancing?

So quick backstory. This is Earth, about a thousand years later. We’ve averted the global warming crisis of 2032 and 2503, but because of this, Earth is now an inhabitable wasteland, save for its middle atmosphere, where humanity now lives. Having built a floating city using anti-gravity technology developed in 2380 when humanity tried to flee the Earth in search of another planet to habitat. Now. Life on a floating city in the future sounds great and all, but remember: Humans live on resources, and there are none in the atmosphere. Or so we thought. That’s why the majority of the humans in here operate in the mines, large chunks of land that were blown off the surface and caught in the Floating City’s anti-grav field. Continue reading